Life Chronicles 1: Movie Trailer

Jenny and David have the perfect family; it’s just, someone’s missing. Jenny’s life takes an interesting twist when she is visited by a child from Another world. This is the movie trailer for a film I wrote, directed and edited a few years ago. Life Chronicles 1: Another is a romantic drama with spiritual overtones. Starring Mirriam Durrie and David Watson. Cinematography by Kenny Gioseffi. Original score by Brad Smith with original songs by Leroy Wolfgramm.

The Movie Poster.

LC1A Movie Poster

2 Replies to “Life Chronicles 1: Movie Trailer”

  1. Oh my goodness!
    I can’t believe I found this!
    I remember being a part of this film, but unable to see it due to family tragedies. Is there any chance I could get a copy to watch. I really enjoyed working on this film and would really love to see it.

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