Category: Documentaries

Short films in the documentary style, usually non-fiction.

The Navajo Hopi Gardening Project

What an amazing experience–spending time on the Navajo/Hopi reservation in Arizona. The air is dry. The land is barren. Yet, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is working with the Native American population to cause the desert to blossom as the rose. The Navajo Hopi Gardening project is teaching Native Americans the skills to be self-sufficient by growing their own food. This project is helping these people return to their roots of living off the land. In the process, many lives are changing, as the barren land yields marvelous fruits. Check out this short documentary film I was privileged to work on.

James Dalrymple–Producer/Director/Cinematographer
Curtis Anderson–2nd Camera/Sound
James Dalrymple–Editor
Emily Davis–Production Assistance